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About Us

who are we

Curtain Roll specializes in custom-made and sale of all types of modern curtains.


About us

- Curtain Roll Company was founded in 2016 in Saudi Arabia 
- The company designs and markets its products of the finest fabrics of modern and contemporary curtains

- Creativity and quality play an important role in our success

 Team coach on excellence

  To meet customer needs fully and at all times. This department manages projects of various sizes and deals with all projects with equal importance. The team has been fully trained and equipped to deal with various technically difficult risks and hazardous conditions imposed by the nature of the project site. 

Our vision:

- Upgrading living styles, employing the growing demand for elegant fabrics and materials with unique, innovative designs and competitive prices that are accessible to the public.

- Design and creativity, we serve our customers by maintaining standards and accuracy in the services provided by the company.

Our Goals:

- Provide quality products and high service by regularly understanding and measuring customer satisfaction.

- Providing consistent service by constantly training our staff on our company's systems and standards.